Arkimeds - Coagulation Analyser

Fully Automated Coagulometer

Arkimeds is a Fully Automated Coagulometer working on photo optical clot detection method for Clotting, Chromogenic and Immunological aasay.


It has Highly sensitive Solid state three wavelength light source and Photometer. It gives Real time Graphical result output. It has Facility to upload calibration data from CD and to view the Patient results with sort and filter option. It requires minimum routine maintenance. It has Three level of access protection with Password.

Reagents 6 + 5 Positions, 3 positions warmed at 37 C Degree
Reaction Volume Min 150 micro liter to Max 450 micro liter
Sample Volume Min 50 micro liter
Parameters PT, APTT, FIB, TT, AT-III, PRO-C, PRO-S
Sampling High Precision Module – From 10 micro liter to 100 micro liter