Metabolism Assayed Control

QC CARE METABOLISMO is a tri-level assayed control for different metabolic parameter assay. It has 2-years close vial stability with 4-hours, 20-days IgF1 Vit-D 10 days open vial stability.


It is available in a pack size of 2x3x2 ml (all 3 vial of any individual level or all 2 different levels (L1,L2)). The QC CARE METABOLISMO is packed in 2 mL tube. Controls are available with Value sheets of Abbott Architect, Beckman Access/DxI CLIA, Roche ModularE/Elecsys CLIA, Ortho Vitros CLIA, Siemens Dimension Vista, Siemens Immulite2000/2000xpi, Tosoh AIA FIA, Abbott Axsym FIA, BioMerieux Vidas FIA, DiaSorin Liason CLIA, Roche Modular/Cobas6000/8000 Chemistry, Siemens Advia Centaur, Siemens Immulite/Immulite1000 and SNIBE Maglumi CLIA metabolism systems.

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Close Vial Stability 2 Years
Open Vial Stability 4 Hours (2-8 C Degree), 20 Days (-20 C Degree)/ IGF-1 & Vit-D 10 days
Vial Volume 2 ml
Level Bi-level
Format Lyophilized