Biotechne QC623 - Blood Gas Control

Blood Gas – Electrolyte – Control

QC 623 is a Aqueous Assayed Control for monitoring performance of blood gas and electrolyte instrumentation. It has 36-months close vial stability with 1-hour open vial stability.


It is available in a pack size of 3x10x2.5 ml(all 10 vial of any individual level or all 3 different levels (L,N,H)). Controls are available with Value sheets of AADEE, ESCHWEILER, IL, i-SENS, LIFEHEALTH, MEDICA, NOVA, RADIOMETER, ROCHE, SIEMENS (BAYER) and VIA MEDICAL.

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Close Vial Stability 36 Months
Open Vial Stability Blood Gas:Immediate, Electrolyte:1 Hour
Vial Volume 2.5 ml ampul
Level Tri-level
Packaging 30 ampuls per box (10H + 10L + 10N) or 30 values of any individual levels
Parameters pH, pC02, p02, Na+, K+, Cl- and Ca++
Storage Room temperature (up to 25 C Degree)
Format Liquid