Urinalysis Assayed Control

LIQUID QC is a assayed control for monitoring performance of Siemens Multistix 10SG, Siemens Clinitek Microalbumin, Siemens Multistix PRO 10LS and Roche ChemStrip/ChemStrip Micral urinalysis analysers. It has 2-years close vial stability with 18-months and 30-days open vial stability.


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Close Vial Stability 2 Years
Open Vial Stability 18 Months (2-8 C Degree), 30 Days (20-25 C Degree)
Vial Volume 2 ml
Pack Size 3 levels x 2 vials x 15 ml, 2 levels x 2 vials x 25 ml, 5 levels x 2 vials x 5 ml, 2 levels x 2 vials x 120 ml
Format Liquid