Sickle QC

Hematology Control

Sickle QC is a positive and negative hematology control for solubility tests to detect Hemoglobin S. It has 195 day close vial stability with 100 day open vial stability.


It is available in a pack size of 2×2.5 ml(all 2.5 vial of any individual level or all 2 different levels (Pos,Neg)). Sickle QC control is compatible with the Chembio Diagnostic system Sickle-STAT, Columbia Calibre Sickle cell Reagent, Dade Behring Sickle Solubility Test, Ortho/Johnson SICKLEDEX, Pacific Hemostasis SickleScreen Sickling Hemoglobin Screening Kit, and Streck Sickle- Chex Solubility Kit.

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Close Vial Stability 195 Days
Open Vial Stability 100 Days
Vial Volume 2.5 ml
Level Bi-level